All kinds of production and consumption are also a transformation.

While this transformation inevitably produces dirt and waste, environmentally compatible cleaning activities require specific research and knowledge.

That’s why, Mexel Turkey takes on the task of profession providing creative solutions taking occupational safety and the employee’s health, soluble for a clean life including eco-productivity, social responsibility, sustainable development and an environmentalist approach.

Mexel Turkey;

with its professional demo/training teams, experienced andstrong technical service

commits, offers solutions,

and works for life.

In 2020, The Products of Biosynertec Sold Worldwide Will Be in İzmir

As of 2020, Mexel® Turkey starts producing all the global products of Biosynertec Group in its factory located in İzmir. Biosynertec Group, especially known for its success in producing environmentally friendly industrial solutions, decided to produce its global products in the factory of Mexel® Turkey in İzmir after a successful cooperation. Officials of the Biosynertec Group, the owner of the international Mexel brand, they strongly believe that this cooperation will result in greater achievements in the following years. Mexel® Turkey is expanding its production and employment conditions in the face of growing the demands of international and domestic markets. Activities conducted with the aim to become a brand that will be noticed by both consumers as well as industrial customers with growing projects especially in retail is another factor for the increase of capacity.

Filming of Enza Home Odor Remover & Stain Remover Was Recently Completed.

The promotion filming of Odor Remover and Stain Remover products which were produced by Mexel® Turkey for the one of the leading furniture brands in Turkey, Enza Home Mobilya, was completed. It started to be broadcasted both in online and offline screens thanks to this activity aimed towards creating customer awareness and customer knowledge in greater numbers of individuals for the products related to Mexel® Turkey realized as an important cooperation among its retail activities. The video, in which the effects the products and the method of use is explained, allows the user to be able to see and decide how effective an outcome will be attained before purchasing the product.

Stain Remover Video:

Odor Remover Video: