Products For Infrastructure

Mexel®Turkey G.Trap 5009

Mexel®Turkey G.Trap 5009, consisting of specially chosen microorganisms, is a biological product with a 100% biodegredable structure with the ability to dispose all oils and organic wastes in the wastewater drains, directing them to the flow rate, and removing the accumulated bad odors. Therefore, Mexel®Turkey G.Trap 5009 is extremely effective in places including wastewater drains such as grease traps, cesspits, manholes, sewer lines, promotion and pump stations, pre-refinement pools, biological refinery systems, stream remediation, and lagoons. Moreover, it was identified that it has a success rate up to 98 % for the removal of sewer odors, which is one of the most significant problems of municipalities..


Before Application

After Application

Mexel®Turkey Litomex

Mexel®Turkey Litomex is used in combination with Mexel®Turkey G.Trap 5009 in wastewater drains. Thanks to its 100% biodegradable structure, it assists the removal of odor in places with a reservoir by turning the biological level of the environment to the optimal level.

Mexel®Turkey 432

Mexel®Turkey 432, is a product rewarded with BAT (Best Available Technology) due to its sustainable water conditioning technology. Especially in refrigeration cycles using seawater as a cooler, it prevents bifouling (biological decomposition) calcification and formation of corrosion by performing “surface conditioning”. Thanks to its technology, Mexel®Turkey 432 also provide the opportunity of “energy saving” in cooling towers.

Environmental Benefits 

  • No harm to the environment
  • No toxic effects on living
  • %100 Biodegradable (self-soluble in nature) structure
  • Not Oxidant

Places of Use

  • Refrigeration cycles using seawater
  • Power plants
  • Ships and boats etc.