Retail Projects

Mexel®Turkey is on Avansas

Mexel Turkey aiming to bring innovative solutions to the individual customer meets with its consumer in online sales at the biggest office e-commerce website of Turkey, Avansas.

Mexel®Turkey Went Sailing

With its product range providing net solutions, Mexel®Turkey is a business partner of East Marine of Koç Group, which is the most prestigious maritime market change of Turkey. As a vendor of Mexel®Turkey, East Marine provides services to the needs and solutions to the problems of maritime devotees.

First Private Label Activity from Mexel®Turkey

Enza Home Yataş Group Bad Odor Remover and Stain Remover

As one of the leading companies in its sector and a member of Yataş Group, Enza Home offers Enza Home Biological Stain Remover and Enza Home Bad Odor Remover, products of Mexel®Turkey, for sale in its stores around Turkey. Enza Home preferred to work with Mexel®Turkey in order to increase its product range in order to ensure customer continuity as well as providing a solution to specific cleaning problems frequently encountered in furnished indoor living areas.

Arçelik Consumer Services & Mexel®Turkey Cooperation

Gaining the consumer’s trust as one of the best-known and the biggest white appliances brand of Turkey, Arçelik preferred to work with Mexel®Turkey in order to spread its consumer services in a wider area for small house appliances. In order to remove tea and coffee stains that may be formed over time in the drink preparation group consisting of coffee machine, tea urn and tea machine and in order to allow these appliances to be used right away, the relevant product of Mexel®Turkey has begun to be brought to the consumer under Quick & Shine brand.